Our selection of craft beersOXIANA'S ORIGINAL RECIPES

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Special Mention 2019KELLER

clear, light, 4.8%.

Naturtrub, a typical Bavarian beer style, Golden-yellow in color, is a light lager, slightly opaque beer whose main characteristic is that it is historically unfiltered.



light - fragrant - bitter - 4.8%

Session Pale Ale with a golden color, lean body, medium carbonation and slight bitterness.

American hops are married to italian malts giving it a modern flavor and particularly fragrant zesty aromas.

It’s an easy-drinker due to the moderate alcohol content, suitable for those who like the taste of hops.


Best Italian Beer 2015EPIC

IPA (bitter) floral and full-bodied, 6.8%

American IPA with an amber hue and medium body. The large amounts of American hops used give it an intense aroma on the nose, rich in resinous, citrus and floral notes paired with a pronounced bitterness.

The addition of moderate percentages of Flaked corn adds to its drinkability, in keeping with good American tradition.

Unfiltered and unpasteurized, bottle-fermented beer.

AWARDS: Winner of the Cerevisia award at Milan Expo 2015 as best Italian beer, new brewery category.


a very modern and drinkable West Coast Ipa

American West Coast Ipa with an intense tropical fruity aroma, (passion fruit, papaya), gooseberry and, more., These are all thanks to the use of West Coast American hops. Furthermore, this beer has a prominent body, that gives it a fairly persistent flavor, but hides a suprinsing 7% ABV.

Due to the copious amounts of hops used and the forced carbonation it is only available in cans and kegs.



light - fragrant - not bitter - 5.2%

A blanche beer, with a high percentage of flaked wheat, straw-yellow in color, thin-bodied, with a creamy, particularly aromatic foam. A fresh summery beer, fruity and floral aromas, the spices used give it a certain complexity, while remaining a very sessionbal beer.


seasonal beer (April-Oct) - drinkable - not bitter - alcoholic - 7.8%

Doppelbock, Ruby-red beer with a compact and persistent white foam.

Toasted and caramel scents clearly hit the nose in a perfect balance with a slight herbaceous flavor given by the use of Hallertau hops.

A tasty beer, enjoyable but with a good alcohol content.



with Italian hops - Amara- fragrant - alcoholic - 8%.

American Double IPA style, orange-colored, sustained alcohol content, with a white dense head.

This is a double ipa but it’s not aggressive nor unbalanced; on the contrary, it has a deep, very clean and non-aggressive bitterness. A particularly pleasant floral and citrusy beer, with resinous, spicy and herbaceous hints imparted by the fresh hops.

An elegant and balanced beer, in keeping with the Oxiana style.

best Tripel 2018VELVET

soft, elegant, sweet, alcoholic, 8.8%

Tripel, typical Belgian recipe, light amber in color, with a well-structured body and sustained carbonation.

The fruity fragrances, rich in esters and phenols, given by the caramelized sugars produced by Oxiana itself, as well as the essential oil of wild orange from the Pontine region, give it great aromatic complexity and undoubted overall elegance. Suitable for moderate aging.

AWARDS: Winner of the 2018 Beer of the Year award as runner-up, Belgian high gradation beer category (first in the Tripel category).



Seasonal beer (Oct.-April), round, peaty, alcoholic, 9.0%.

Strong Scotch Ale from Scottish tradition, dark in color, with a complex and elegant aroma, warm, smooth, round and full-bodied.

The long fermentation at low temperatures, makes the beer an easy-drinking beer, while the roasted malts and hops balance its natural sweetness.

All raw materials used are sourced from Great Britain. Suitable for moderate aging


Christmas beer, sweet, alcoholic, 10.3%.

Christmas quadrupel, a meditation beer with intensely spicy and fortified aromas, structured body, moderate carbonation.

Extremely fruity aromas, rich in esters and phenols, given by dark candied sugar, cranberries and spices, give it extreme aromatic complexity.

Sustained alcohol content suitable for aging.