DESCRIPTION: Tripel, typical of the Belgian school, with an amber color, well-structured body and sustained carbonation.

The fruity fragrances, rich in esters and phenols, provided by the caramelized sugars produced by Oxiana itself, as well as the essential oil of wild orange from Pontino, give it a great aromatic complexity and an undeniable overall elegance. Suitable for moderate aging.

Winner of the Beer of the Year 2018 award as runner-up, high-grade Belgian beer category, first in the Tripel category.

Suggested pairings: lamb meats, fish with “fatty” meat (grouper, turbot swordfish), winter vegetables, chestnuts, desserts and ice cream.

CHARACTERISTICS: abv 8.8%, double malt beer, IBU 20 (Tinseth), BU / GU 0.24 (sweet), color ref. 14 EBC.

INGREDIENTS: water, barley malt (29%), wheat malt, continental hops, orange epicarp, candied sugar, sugar (priming), selected abbey yeast. Contains gluten.

FORMATS: 33 cl and 75 cl bottles, or in 24 lt barrel with bayonet connection.