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DESCRIPTION: Keller (Naturtrub), a typical Bavarian style beer, ocher yellow in color. It is a light, low fermentation beer, slightly opaque, light alcohol content, the main characteristic of which is that the product historically is not filtered.

A beer that is easy to drink but by no means trivial! It is not very bitter, and highly appreciated even by less experienced consumers accustomed to tastes of industrial beers. It is however an elegant and balanced beer in line with the Oxiana style.

Also suitable for those who have just approached drinking craft beer.

Winner of the Special Mention in the Beer of the Year 2019 competition, in its category.

Suggested pairings: Easy to pair with most foods, pizza, first courses, second courses with veal or chicken, traditional German dishes “Brautwurst mit Sauerkraut” (sausages roasted with sauerkraut) and “Schweinhaxe mit Kartoffelnsalat” (shin of roast pork with potato salad).

Beer very suitable for those who come from industrial beer without being at all trivial.

CHARACTERISTICS: abv 4,8%, 26 IBU (Rager), BU / GU 0.57 (slightly bitter), color of ref. 4 EBC

INGREDIENTS: barley malt, sugar (priming), hops, selected yeast. Contains gluten.

FORMATS: 33 cl and 75 cl bottles or in 24 lt barrel with bayonet connection.