DESCRIPTION: Doppelbock, a ruby red beer with compact and persistent white foam. On the nose, toasted and caramelized hints clearly emerge which accompany the entire drink, resulting in perfect balance with the light herbaceous content linked to the use of Hallertau hops. A tasty beer, drinkable but with a good alcohol content.

Bavarian specialty produced for the first time in Munich by the Friars of San Francesco da Paola.

Suggested pairings: spicy and blue cheeses, roasted meats, sausages and dry desserts.

CHARACTERISTICS: abv 7.8%, double malt beer, 22 IBU (Rager), BU / GU 0.34 (tending to sweet), color ref. 26 EBC.

INGREDIENTS: barley malt (32%), Central European hops, sugar (priming), selected yeasts. Contains gluten.

FORMATS: 33 cl and 75 cl bottles, or in 24 lt barrel with bayonet connection.

Seasonal beer available April-October