DESCRIPTION: Christmas quadrupel, meditative beer with intense spicy and liqueur aromas, a structured body, moderate carbonation. The extremely fruity aromas, rich in esters and phenols, given by candied brown sugar, cranberries and spiciness, give it an extreme aromatic complexity. Sustained gradation suitable for aging.

Suggested pairings: traditional Christmas sweets, ice cream, desert.

CHARACTERISTICS: abv 10.3%, double malt beer, IBU 28 (Tinseth), BU / GU 0.29 (sweet), color ref. 41 EBC.

INGREDIENTS: BARLEY malt (33%), wheat malt, continental hops, candied brown sugar, dehydrated cranberries, bourbon vanilla beans, szechuan pepper, sugar (priming), selected abbey yeast. Contains gluten.

FORMATS: 75 cl bottles, or in 24 lt barrel with bayonet connection.

Typically on sale from December 2nd for the few days it takes to sellout. Very suitable for aging. Reservations are recommended.