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Clear, light, 4,8%

Special Mention Award 2019

Naturtrub, typical Bavarian-style beer, ocher yellow in color, a light, low-fermented beer, with a light, slightly opaque alcohol content, the main characteristic of which is that the product historically is not filtered.


light – fragrant – bitter – 4,8%

Session Pale Ale, light amber color, slender body, medium carbonation, slightly bitter.

American hops prevail over malts for a dynamic, youthful flavor and particularly fragrant aromas, giving EXP a surprisingly modern taste.

Easy to drink also for its moderate alcohol content, suitable for those who like hints of hops.


clear – light – 5%

in the Kölsch style Cologne beer, light golden color and light body, fresh and balanced, with a creamy foam.

The use of continental noble hops balances the natural sweetness of malts and gives this beer a traditional taste combined with a unique freshness.

Easy to drink, also suitable for those who have just approached craft beer.


Light – fragrant – non-bitter 5,2%

Blanche beer, with a high percentage of wheat, straw yellow in color, with a slender body, with creamy foam and particularly aromatic. Fresh, a good summer beer, particularly appreciated by the female audience.

The fruity and floral aromas given by the spices used, however, give it a certain complexity despite being a very drinkable beer.


IPA (bitter) floral with body

Best Italian Beer 2015 – 6,8%

Medium-bodied copper-colored American IPA. The large quantities of American hops used make it strongly aromatic on the nose, rich in citrus and floral scents, and create a good bitterness on the palate.

The addition of moderate percentages of corn flakes make this beer more drinkable, following a good American tradition.

Unfiltered and unpasteurized beer, refermented in the bottle.

AWARD: Winner of the Cerevisia prize at the Milan Expo 2015 for best Italian beer, in the  New Breweries category.


Seasonal Beer (April-Oct) – drinkable – nonbitter – strong –  7,8%

Doppelbock, Ruby red beer with compact and persistent white foam.

On the nose, toasted and caramelized hints clearly emerge which accompany the entire drink, resulting in a perfect balance with the light herbaceous content linked to the use of Hallertau hops.

A tasty beer, very drinkable, but with a strong alcohol content.


with Italian Hops – Bitter – perfumed – strong – 8%

Made in the American Double IPA style, orange color, with a sustained alcohol content, with a clear and compact foam.

This beer is a double IPA but not aggressive and unbalanced. On the contrary, it presents itself with a deep, very clean and non-aggressive bitterness which compliments particularly pleasant floral and yellow fruit notes, with resinous scents, spicy and herbaceous hints due to using the freshest hops.

An elegant and balanced beer in line with the Oxiana style.


smooth – elegant – fruity – strong

Best Tripel Award 2018 – 8,8%

Tripel, typical of the Belgian school, with an amber color, well-structured body and sustained carbonation.

The fruity fragrances, rich in esters and phenols, given by the caramelized sugars produced by Oxiana itself, as well as the essential wild orange oil from Pontino, give it a great aromatic complexity and an undeniable overall elegance. Suitable for moderate aging.

AWARDS: Winner of the Beer of the Year 2018 in the Tripel category, runner-up in the category of high-grade Belgian beers.


Seasonal Beer (Oct-April)

round – peaty – strong – 9,0%

Strong Scotch Ale, made in the Scottish tradition. Dark red in color, with complex and elegant aromas, warm, soft, round and with a good body.

The long fermentation at low temperatures makes Glenn still easy to consume, while toasted malts and hops balance its natural sweetness, due to the sustained alcohol content.

All the raw materials used are from Great Britain. Suitable for moderate aging.


Christmas beer – sweet – strong – 10,3%

Quadrupel Christmas beer, it is definitely a beer to meditate on, with intensely spicy and liqueur aromas, structured body, and moderate carbonation.

The extremely fruity aromas, rich in esters and phenols, from the candied brown sugar, cranberries and spices, give it an extreme aromatic complexity.

Sustained gradation suitable for aging.

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