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Who We Are

The Oxiana brewery was born in Pomezia, from the common passion of the members and the combination of different experiences that integrated into a modern project for the production of totally natural high quality craft beer.

Operating since 2015 in Pomezia, near Rome.

Eco Friendly

Oxiana is particularly attentive to our environmental impact. We only use energy from renewable sources and we treat waste water in order to obtain water suitable for agricultural use. We recover hot water, and recover up to 16 times the washing liquids within a specific installation. We allocate the threshes – valuable feed – to the local farms and we only emit water vapor in low quantities.



Save the Environment!



Cerevisia Award 2015, Best Italian Beer, category: New Breweries


Awarded in 2018 as the best Italian Tripel at the Beer & Food Attraction in Rimini.


Beer of the Year 2019, special mention in its category.

The Art Of Being Beer

is the region on the silk road where the cities of Bukhara and Samarkand flourished and where a 6000-year-old tablet was found that honors Ninkasi, the patron deity of beer, engraved with the oldest existing beer recipe, obtained from barley by means of bread and its yeasts. For this reason, beer is often referred to as “liquid bread.”

Robert Byron’s travel book is memorable

“The Road to Oxiana”


The Award Winning Beers


Naturtrub, a typical Bavarian-style beer, of an ocher yellow color, is a light, low-fermented beer, with a light, slightly opaque gradation, the main characteristic of which is that the product historically is not filtered.

A beer easy to drink but by no means trivial. Not very bitter, highly appreciated even by less experienced consumers accustomed to the tastes of industrial beers. It is however an elegant and balanced beer in line with the Oxiana style.

AWARD: Winner of the Special Mention in the Beer of the Year 2019 competition, in its category.



An American IPA, which is inspired by the great USA tradition, with a medium body and copper color.

The large quantity of American hops gives it a good aromatic complexity, rich in citrus and floral scents which balances the good bitterness on the palate.

The addition of a small percentage of corn flakes makes it more drinkable, from a good American tradition which inspires it.

AWARD: Winner of the Cerevisia prize at the Milan Expo for best Italian beer, New Breweries category 2015.




Tripel, typical of the Belgian school, with an amber color, well-structured body and sustained carbonation.

The fruity fragrances, rich in esters and phenols, given by the caramelized sugars produced by Oxiana itself, as well as the essential oil of wild orange from Pontino, give it a great aromatic complexity and an undoubtable overall elegance. Suitable for moderate aging.

PRIZE: Winner of the Beer of the Year 2018 award runner-up, Belgian high-grade beer category (and first in the Tripel category).



Our Seasonal Beers


Christmas Quadrupel, beer to meditate on, with intensely spicy and liqueur aromas, a structured body, and moderate carbonation.

The extremely fruity aromas, rich in esters and phenols, given by dark candied sugar, cranberries and spiciness from szechuan pepper, give it an extreme aromatic complexity and a sustained gradation suitable for aging.

Produced in summer and on sale from December 2nd.

Very suitable for aging.




Strong Scotch Ale, a Scottish tradition, dark red in color, with complex and elegant aromas, warm, soft, round and with a good body.

The long fermentation at low temperatures makes Glenn still easy to consume, while toasted malts and hops balance its natural sweetness, due to the sustained alcohol content.

All the raw materials used are from Great Britain. Suitable for moderate aging.

Typically on sale from October to April.



What They Say About Us

Nel nostro locale la birra Oxiana ha un grande successo.. siamo nel borghetto di pratica di mare pensiamo di mettere tutta la linea….

Giancarlo M. A.

Il Borghetto

Ottima birra che nasce dal connubio tra passione e conoscenza. Sicuramente da provare ed apprezzare! Grazie Birrifugio!

Manuel V.

Giovane marchio che propone una linea di eccellenti birre molto equilibrate,perfette nel loro stile con un pizzico di originalità che ne aumenta il fascino.

Stefano F.

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