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Beer Name: Epic
Beer Style: American IPA

Original Gravity: 16 Plato degrees
Specific Weight: 1.065 Kg/l

Final Gravity: 3.55 Plato degrees
Specific Weight: 1.014 Kg/l

Bitterness: 74 IBU

BU/GU (Apparent): 1.13

Color: 22 EBC
Equivalent to: 11.2 SRM
Apparent Attenuation: 78.5%

BU/GU (Real): 1.15
Alcohol by Volume = 6.8%

American IPA with copper color and a medium body. The huge quantities of American hop used give this beer a strong aromatic flavor, rich of citrus like and flowery scents, and create a nice bitter taste. The addition of moderate quantities of corn flakes increases the easy drinking nature of this beer, in line with the best American traditions..

Water, barley malt (24%), corn flakes, American hops, sugar (priming), selected yeast.
It contains gluten.

Store in a dry, cool place, and away from direct sunlight.
Serve at 6/8°C.

May contain natural sediments.

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American Pint
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