Beer Name: Doppiopasso
Beer Style: American Double IPA

Original Gravity: 18 Plato degrees
Specific Weight: 1.074 Kg/l

Final Gravity: 3.5 Plato degrees
Specific Weight: 1.014 Kg/l

Bitterness: 80 IBU

BU/GU (Apparent): 1.08

Color: 22 EBC
Equivalent to: 11.2 SRM
Apparent Attenuation: 81.1%

BU/GU (Real): 1.13
Alcohol by Volume = 8.0%

American Double IPA, orange colour, quite high content of alcohol, clear and compact foam, a deep nice and elegant bitter taste. Local hops cultivated in the Latium wine area, are all used to give an extraordinary unique aroma and give the DoppioPasso floral, resinous and slightly peppery, scents .

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