Beer Name: Comète
Beer Style: Belgian Quadrupel

Original Gravity: 23 Plato degrees
Specific Weight: 1.096 Kg/l

Final Gravity: 4.8 Plato degrees
Specific Weight: 1.019 Kg/l

Bitterness: 28 IBU

BU/GU (Apparent): 0.29

Color: 41 EBC
Equivalent to: 20.8 SRM
Apparent Attenuation: 80.2%

BU/GU (Real): 0.30
Alcohol by Volume = 10.3%

Produced during the summer season it is long matured until the end of November, normally sold till end of first December week, this quadrupel, with intensely spicy and liqueur aromas presents a full and structured body and a pleasant amber coloured foam with irregular perlage. The extremely fruity aromas, rich in esters and phenols, given by dark candied self produced sugar, red bilberries and spices, give it an extremely aromatic complexity. With a high content of alcohol, it is suitable for a moderate seasoning.

Advice on Glass Type: